French Immersion program

demo When French is not a language used in the home, formal instruction in school is often the most convenient option for children to learn it.


Credit Courses:

demo These courses enable students to obtain a full credit towards their diploma in a subject that was either not previously taken, or not completed successfully during the academic year to obtain a credit by repeating it.

Starts at Sept 6, 2016

All Grades Tutoring :

demoWith proven expertise in so many subjects, we create exactly the right tutoring program for your child. Scheduling hours with us allows you to work around your own personal schedule week to week.


What's New?

"Bright Minds" Exchange Books & Ideas at Quantum




Current News:


Quantum Academy offers a no obligation, free consultation and assessment to any student interested in our broad range of tutoring services.

Updated: July 23, 2017


Recent Events:

Forum for Young Canadians


During last month, around 100 of Canada's top young leaders gathered in Ottawa to learn how government works, meet key decision makers on Parliament Hill and share their voices with them.

Updated: April 11, 2016

Why Choose Quantum Academy?

Why choose an independent school like Quantum Academy? The school a child attends will significantly influence their academic success, and shape them into the leaders of the future. Few individuals are aware of their capabilities and talents until they are exposed to new experiences. Quantum academy offers its students countless opportunities for enrichment, allowing both our students and the school to grow.

At Quantum Academy students receive personal attention, and teachers regard their students as individuals with unique strengths and skills. Our staff specialize in the subjects they teach, and are able to use their knowledge of students' developmental stages to inform their teaching practice. Drawing on this knowledge, our faculty sets high expectations for students, who are consistently challenged to improve according to their varying abilities.

In order to students to succeed in a rapidly evolving global economy, we as educators are responsible for making them critical and analytical thinkers. At Quantum Academy we teach our students the value of respect and to celebrate each other's differences. Through this, we are able to forge a common understanding, and work together to make a positive difference in the lives of those around us.

Class1 There is a growing concern amongst parents and children over the large class sizes in public schools. In such situations students with varying learning needs do not receive the guidance and support required to excel academically. We provide a personable and caring learning environment for our students. We provide each of our students with academic counselling, individualized timetables, and courses at a variety of academic levels that guarantee them the best preparation for post-secondary study, or employment. Our classes are restricted to a maximum of six students, to ensure individual attention and instruction which is tailored to student-specific needs. This not only ensures that students get one on one assistance, but they also develop the confidence needed to reach their full potential.

  • Individual Attention: many of our students are in individual programmes, based on their current level of performance in each subject
  • Daily staff meetings to monitor the overall progress of each student
  • Highest university acceptance ratio
  • Students learn how to learn: goal-setting, organization, brainstorming and writing workshops to improve literacy
  • University preparation seminars and counselling on university program selection

At Quantum Academy we provide a safe and positive learning environment where students are capable of yielding the best possible academic results.

Whether your child is starting preschool or getting ready for secondary school and beyond, we encourage you to give your child a lifelong advantage by choosing Quantum Academy.

Quantum Academy – the road you take when you want to be sure of reaching your destination!


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