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I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Quantum Academy, and invite you to explore our programs and services. Ontario has a world-class education system, and is an excellent and attractive location for the rapidly growing education market. Quantum Academy has consistently provided high quality education for its students. We are dedicated to fostering the academic dreams of our students, and committed to helping them succeed in the competitive global labour market.


Dr. Tarana Oumoudova


acquired at Quantum Academy help students move toward mastery in the academic areas and become independent, resourceful thinkers. Read our success stories.


approach provides an environment in which students can flourish in academic areas and develop their leadership and interpersonal skills through co-curricular opportunities. Small class sizes and a low student-to-teacher ratio help to establish a dynamic community of learners at the Academy


and integrated approach is our tradition. It leads to both deeper and wider understandings and allowing numerous opportunities for individual expression.




Our elementary school offers a strong foundation in English, mathematics, science, music, drama, art, physical education, social studies, world languages and technology for students. This continues the Academy's tradition of being integrated and experiential, leading to both deeper and wider understandings and allowing numerous opportunities for individual expression. In our primary school, the faculty works closely with students to teach them to organize learning and absorb information into a meaningful whole that supports increased independence.

Elementary School


Credit Courses

These courses enable students to obtain a full credit towards their diploma in a subject that was either not previously taken, or not completed successfully during the academic year to obtain a credit by repeating it.

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Grade 9-10

Academic courses focus on the essential concepts of the discipline and also explore the related concepts. Academic courses develop students’ knowledge and skills by emphasizing theoretical, abstract applications of the essential concepts and incorporating practical applications as appropriate.

Academic Courses

Applied Courses

Applied courses develop students’ knowledge and skills by emphasizing practical, concrete applications of essential concepts and incorporating theoretical applications as appropriate. Academic and applied courses differ in the balance between essential concepts and additional material, and in the balance between theory and application.


of our graduates get into the top post-secondary program of their choosing


Advanced Placement

The Advanced Placement program allows academically committed students to potentially earn a university credit while still in high school. The AP program is administered by the College Board in the United States who oversees the curriculum, testing and scoring. The College Board also administers the SAT tests for students interested in attending school in the United States. These courses are recognised and accepted by many Ontario and Canadian universities. 



Grade 11-12

In Grades 11 and 12, students will choose from among destination-related course types: university, college and university/college preparation courses. Students will make their choices based on their interest, achievement, and career goals. Prerequisites are specified for many of the courses offered in Grades 11 and 12. These prerequisites are identified in the Course of Study document for each course.


Summer Courses

Summer school is the perfect way for any student to get a credit. The Quantum Academy summer school is open to all students from all school boards. All of our courses are open for enrolment and are NOT subject to cancellation, so students may register with confidence, knowing that the course will not be cancelled.

Taking a Quantum Academy Summer School course does NOT require your current high school principal’s permission. Students taking a Summer School course will receive a report card and an Ontario Student Transcript (OST); copies of the report card and transcript are also sent to your home-school where they are added to your Ontario Student Record (OSR).

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