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Welcome to the admission process at Quantum Academy!

Applying to a new school can be overwhelming.  We make new students feel welcomed as soon as they arrive. They are partnered with current students upon arrival, and receive additional help or tutoring as needed, to help them adjust to Quantum Academy academic expectations. 

Quantum Academy is truly a place where lessons learned will last a lifetime. We invite you to continue to review our website, or schedule a personal tour of our extensive facilities to discuss your specific educational goals for your child.

Admission Procedures


Our goal is to ensure that the proposed placement will be in the best interests of the student, as well as to meet the educational and performance expectations of the parents.

Students must be within the average range of behaviours and have a willingness to come half-way in the educative process.

Quantum Academy welcomes students who are in the average to gifted range of academic abilities and who are willing to come half way in the educative process to meet consistent and/or higher achievement levels. With its emphasis on enrichment and high academic achievement, Quantum Academy is not suitable for students with learning disabilities or behavioural problems.

In terms of performance standards, many students are regularly achieving above traditional grade level expectations, which are confirmed in yearly standardized testing. Our objective is for students to be achieving at their maximum level of capability.

The application process provides the parent and the child, as well as our admissions committee, with an opportunity to ensure that there is a good fit between what you are looking for and the expectations of the school.

Admission Steps



There is no set date to apply since applications are reviewed as they come in,  until there is no more space in the particular grade. Class size is small, and our return rate each year is very high, so the earlier the application is received the more chances you have!

The final step in the application process is a standardized, individual assessment of your child’s academic levels. The results are compared to the norms for his/her age and grade. It is not a pass/fail “exam” format in a group setting, but rather a relaxed, yet structured, time to get to know your child, both in terms of academic skills and interests.

The Admissions Committee meets regularly and the length of time taken to communicate their decision depends on the time taken to receive your child’s information. The Registrar will contact you quickly as each step of the process is completed.

Admission to Quantum Academy is based on:

  • Availability of spaces

  • Compatibility

  • Sibling Placement

Applications for admission are received year round. However, our commitment to small class sizes means that there is limited space for some grades.

If possible, parents are encouraged to contact the school to set up a time to visit. We encourage parents to visit our school while it is in session. 

We also maintain a waiting list of qualified students for whom we initially have no space and accept new students from this group as openings occur.



Set up an appointment and visit our school during session.


Download this PDF registration form and fill in all the correct details!


Bring or send your form along with your child's recent report card to the following address:

Admission Considerations
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