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Welcome to 
Quantum Academy!
Thank you for including us in your search for an international education.

Quantum’s reputation for excellence is supported by more than 15 partnerships with universities in Canada and around the world. To our domestic and international students, these partnerships represent exciting pathways to further education and opportunities.

How To Apply

Please read carefully and make sure you have the required documents.

1. Fill out all the required fields of International Application Form. 

2. Once you have all the required documents, you can send them to us by one of the following means (please use only one method):

By mail or courier:
Quantum Academy,
9555 Yonge Street, Suite 305
Richmond Hill, ON L4C 9M5 CANADA

By email: 
Scan signed application and all academic documents
scan in JPG or PDF format and in the smallest size possible
open the file you scanned and adjust the picture so that it is upright 


3. E-mail your application to

Please Note: Only fully completed applications with attached application fee $350 CDN will be processed by Quantum International Admissions Department. It is the sole responsibility of the student and/or the authorized Quantum Agent to send a fully completed application.

After You Submit Your Application

In order to process and assess your records properly, Quantum Academy requires 4-6 weeks to review your application. If you have not heard from Quantum after one month, please contact our International Admissions Office directly at with your application confirmation number, and they will check your application status.


If you have not heard back from Quantum after one month, please contact our Agency Coordinator directly to follow up with your student’s application. Please email the student’s confirmation number, your agent number and request to: 

NOTE: only completed applications will be processed.

Please take a look around our site. If you have any questions about Quantum Academy and its programs or want to know more about life in Toronto and Canada, please contact us.

Application Fees

All International student applications must be accompanied by a $350 (Cdn) non-refundable application fee. This is the only fee Quantum charges to submit an application to Quantum.


If you choose to submit your application through an independent Educational Agency who charges a consulting fee, for services rendered, above and beyond this $350 Quantum application fee, it is quite separate from Quantum. This fee is set at the agency’s discretion, as the owner/operator of his/her own business

International Tuition Fees

When you have been accepted to Quantum, you will receive an invoice with your Letter of Acceptance. Fees are due and must be in your Quantum student account before the date of expiry on your Quantum “Letter of Acceptance”. Fees are subject to change due to amendments in Ontario Ministry of Education regulations and/or increased service costs.


Payment of Tuition Fees

You can pay by:

  • certified cheque

  • by wire transfer

Course Materials

Every Quantum course requires books and/or materials. The cost of these books and/or supplies will vary depending on the course and projects involved. On average, students should be prepared to spend between $400 and $900 Cdn. per semester.

Refund and Deferral Policy

Denial of Study Permit

If immigration authorities at a Canadian Embassy or High Commission Office issue a letter denying the request for a study permit and this letter of denial + Withdrawal Form is submitted to the International Admissions Office within 10 business days of the beginning of a semester, semester one fees less $350 will be refunded. Fees paid in advance for future semesters will be refunded in full.

Refund of Fees

Please be respectful of your fellow students and notify us as soon as you know you are not coming to Canada as expected. We have many students on a waiting list, who will eagerly take your spot in the program. If you are unable to attend Quantum, please let us know as soon as possible, before classes start.

To be eligible for a tuition refund, a written Request for Tuition Fee Refund + refusal letter from the Canadian Embassy must be received by Quantum Academy with verification of its delivery date by (registered mail or courier) to reach the International Admissions office prior to the 10th day of classes in your first semester.

Tuition Fees Operating Procedures, requires students to submit formal written notification (Withdrawal Form) within 10 business days of the beginning of a semester, to be entitled to a refund of fees for the current term.

Print, sign and e-mail the Withdrawal Form to International Admissions at A refund in full will be paid for any tuition and mandatory ancillary fees paid in advance for subsequent semesters.

Students who submit formal notification of withdrawal from a program of instruction at Quantum Academy after 10 business days will receive a refund in full of any fees paid in advance for subsequent semesters.

Deferral of Your First Semester Start

Students who register at Quantum Academy are considered to have purchased a seat in the program. To defer to a future semester, you have paid your first semester fees and will send a written Request to Defer Admission + proof of payment. The request form and proof of payment must be received by Quantum Academy with verification of its delivery date by (registered mail or courier) to reach the International Admissions office prior to the 10th day of classes in your first semester. 

Refund and Deferrals AFTER the Tenth Day of Classes

In the event you withdraw (or defer to a future semester) after the tenth day of scheduled classes, the Quantum can no longer offer your seat to another student due to the amount of class time missed. As a result, there will be no refund, in whole or in part, for the semester missed. Fees collected in advance for future semesters will be refunded.

Study Permits

International students will need a permit to study in Canada if their course of study is longer than six months. Before you submit a study permit application you will need:


  • A letter of acceptance from Quantum

  • Financial proof that you can support yourself while studying at Quantum (tuition fees and living expenses)

  • To be willing to submit to a medical exam if required

  • Study Permit extensions must be started two months before the expiry date printed on your permit.

Agent Information
Tips to look for when choosing an ‘Educational Agent’

It is the student’s decision whether or not to use an educational agent. No educational agent has special access to our programs and services and no one can guarantee your admission to Quantum nor guarantee you a study permit. Quantum cannot monitor the business practices of independent educational agencies, so using an agency is the sole responsibility of the student and his/her family.

  • Talk to your friends and family currently living in Canada.

  • Discuss what services they provide and the fees for each and every service. Get this information in writing.

  • Be careful of anything that sounds too good to be true. You can always write to Quantum and ask us.

  • Do not leave original academic documents, passport or tuition fee payments with the educational agent.

  • Tuition fee payments are always made payable to ‘Quantum Academy’ – never to the agent.

  • You own the original ‘Letter of Acceptance’ to Quantum Academy. Your agent must give you this original document.

  • If you have any concerns about any educational agents, please email us:

Download International Registration Form


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