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Summer school is the perfect way for any student to get a credit. The Quantum Academy summer school is open to all students from all school boards. All of our courses are open for enrolment and are NOT subject to cancellation, so students may register with confidence, knowing that the course will not be cancelled.

Taking a Quantum Academy Summer School course does NOT require your current high school principal’s permission. Students taking a Summer School course will receive a report card; copies of the report card  are also sent to your home-school where they are added to your Ontario Student Record (OSR).

Why would a student take summer school courses?

to take a course never attempted before in order to earn a new credit

to transfer from one level to another (i.e. college to university or applied to academic)

to repeat a course as a make-up credit, in order to ear the credit or to improve a mark

to repeat a course in order to earn the credit or to improve a mark

to take a "reach ahead credit course"

about summer school

Students who are applying to University and College can have a registration letter, midterm report, and final report / transcript sent to their destination post-secondary institution. Just let us know where and when.

Students can use the summer to complete one or more OSSD credits that they have never taken before. You would do this to open a little free-time in your home-school timetable next year, or to avoid a timetable conflict. When you finish your course, Quantum Academy will send a copy of your final report card and transcript to your home-school, where they will add it to your ongoing record of courses completed.

Elementary school students may reach ahead and take high school credits while they are in elementary school or during the summer before they enter grade 9. This may occur only after the principal of the Quantum Academy consults with the student, their parents or guardians, and the principal of the elementary school of the student. The Quantum Academy principal is also responsible for evaluating the student’s achievement of the expectations of the high school course as well as the issuing of the credit. A copy of this transcript is sent to the student's home-school as they enter Grade 9.

*Please Note: All students need an official transcript or final report card which proves that they have the necessary requirements and/or prerequisites for the course they wish to take, so you may wish to arrange this before your current high school closes for the summer.

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