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Ron V.

In retrospect, Quantum Academy changed my life – forever. It was a huge change for me, because had you asked me where I’d be 5 years from now when I was in middle school, I can guarantee you that I would have never predicted a private school. Fortunately, the switch here definitely shaped my life up to what I always hoped it would be. Call it fate or what you will, one thing is for sure – this school will help you succeed, every step of the way. Having realized my true passion, which is engineering, I know how easy it is to succeed when what you’re willing to sacrifice your life for is something you strive for every waking moment of your days. |

With my passion finally came the real education I’ve never had, and reassured me that there are always new reasons to keep moving forward and making new plans for tomorrow. Being accepted into the University of Waterloo for the Engineering program taught me something even greater than anything else – that whatever I can conceive, I can undoubtedly achieve. Nevertheless, I would have never been able to accomplish all that I have today and hope to seize tomorrow without the undying support and efforts of Tarana and Aidyn – paving the way for a new world of opportunities I never realized could exist.

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Aitan I.

Quantum Academy helped me in a way no other school has. Without Quantum staff’s help, I would have never gotten accepted to Canada’s best universities: University of Toronto, McGill University, Western University, and University of Ottawa. Quantum helped me reach my potential in learning and gave me confidence in pursuing a career in medicine. The school has given me numerous opportunities to step out of the classroom and learn new cultures.

Recently, I got accepted into a program in Ottawa called Forum. It was an amazing experience. I had the privilege of spending a week in Ottawa, where I met many students my age from all over the country, and met MPs, senators, and even saw the Prime Minister. Quantum Academy has also helped me apply to a program called Explore where I spend 5 weeks in Quebec in order to practice and perfect my French. Without Quantum, I would never have had these opportunities, never would have gotten accepted into Canada’s top universities, and most importantly, I would never have found my passion for medicine. Thank you Quantum!

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Ksenia S.

This year has been my first full year at Quantum Academy. Before this year I used to come for after school help on most of my projects. Here at Quantum Academy, I am more open to asking teachers questions for any help that I need and, because of smaller class sizes, it is easier for them to have more one-on-one time with you. The teachers are also more open and inviting for you to ask as many questions as you need. Not only do the small class sizes make you feel more comfortable talking to the teachers, but it also makes you create stronger and closer friendships with the students in your class.

We are all like a family in Quantum Academy and no matter what we always have each other’s backs; something you could not say about a large sized school. Quantum Academy has helped me reach my goals and achieve goals I did not know I could even set for myself. It has been my dream to attend the University of Toronto and, with the help of Quantum Academy, I have been accepted into Neuroscience. This was all thanks to the teachers who have helped me, the students who have encouraged me, and the wonderful environment I learn in, which have all helped me achieve the best that I can do.

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Mark Y.

Firstly, I have a good teacher Julia. She taught me English and prepared me for the IELTS, which is why I have come to Canada. At Quantum, I can practice my English and communicate with foreign and local students at school. Secondly, the school provides me with all kinds of learning equipment, helping me improve my English skills, and get acquainted with Canadian culture and society. Finally, everyone here is really friendly.

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Edgar P.

In 2010, I had terrible education. Whether it was going to private or public school, I was never able to find teachers that were able to help me in the way that I needed. At Quantum, the classes are fairly small, and being able to learn with a small student-to-teacher ratio allowed me to focus on my studies. Here, the students get a long very well so making friends is easy, making coming here every day a really enjoyable experience. Now I have no struggles in learning because of Tarana, Angela, and Julia. I was able to steer myself back on course and my parents became proud of me. I am still reaching up towards the dream of becoming a biomedical engineer, which I never would have been able to do it if I did not attend Quantum Academy.

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