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Forum for Young Canadians

Updated: Aug 1, 2018

This year, three of our students attended the Forum for Young Canadians in Canada’s capital city. In order to be accepted into the program, students had to send in a detailed application which included a personal resume and cover letter explaining their interest in the program. To prepare them, our school organized resume and cover letter seminars, where they had to create their individual documents within class. Our school was proud that in the end, all our applicants were accepted into the program. Students spent a week in Ottawa. At the Forum, they met leaders such as MPs and Senators, visited the Parliament, and witnessed debates within the House of Commons. They even got a chance to see the Prime Minister. In addition, students had a chance to participate in a question-and-answer period with MPs who explained their role in the Parliament and answered student questions. During the Forum, students met new friends, connected with one another, and got an inside look into how their country is run. The program has prepared our bright young students for getting politically active in their community, and some of them are currently volunteering and working for our local MPs.

Nailya I.
At the Forum, I had the opportunity of meeting some of the many leaders of our county and witness firsthand a debate in the House of Commons. I also made some life-long friends that shared the same interests for politics as me. This trip was both fun and informative!
Leon D.
In the Ottawa program, I visited the Parliament, talked about government affairs and issues, and listened to what the MPs had to say about their job. It was a chance to learn how to be active in the community and to become a voice in the federal government. I met many amazing youth from all over Canada and I learned about many different cultures.

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